• Ibutamoren MK-677 (60 Caps x 10 mg)

Ibutamoren MK-677 (60 Caps x 10 mg)

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The researches on Ibutamoren MK-677 show that this formula has the ability to sustain activation of GH–IGF-1 and to increase lean body mass with no change in total fat mass or visceral fat. This product is under investigation as a potential treatment for reduced levels of these hormones. Studies have shown that Ibutamoren can increase both muscle mass and bone mineral density, which makes it very suitable for treating frailty in the elderly. Right now, Ibutamoren is in the pre-clinical stage of development for growth hormone deficiency.

The substance is called MK-677 because it is a hormone, which contributes to muscle growth, without causing the side effects that anabolic supplements do.

What’s the Origin of Ibutamoren?

This substance was found in 1998 during a scientific research. A group of scientists found that MK-677 can contribute to muscle growth when administered with the right diet. They also made the conclusion that this incredible substance leads to faster recovery after intense physical activity and maintains the nitrogen balance in the body.

How does Ibutamoren work?

Ibutamoren is a hormone, which contributes to muscle growth. This substance has the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormones, which is very important for proper metabolism function and maintaining a healthy weight.

MK-677 is also a very suitable formula for regulating muscle and bone density. It regulates blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes. Healthy muscles and blood sugar levels means more energy and better performance. Also, Ibutamoren has the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormones without using steroids. However, this formula has been only tested on animals and is not suitable for human use.

What are the benefits of Ibutamoren?

Ibutamoren helps you build a strong and healthy muscle mass in no time. It also plays a significant role in burning the excess fat. The other well-known benefits, based on the resent researches, include:

-          Eliminates body fat